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The result of taking ecstacy in a group. Some may roll, but only boys GET DEEP. It also helps if you blaze a fat blunt and pack some bombs.
"YO, man... its like... why even exist. The day you're born, you start to die. That's heavy shit, let's drop out."

KB- You wanna be getting deep with the boys?
Cheney- Lets get mad deep.
Cheney- And dip ses too.
KZAK- I'm sorry man...
Clapp- Pot.
Haze- Shit man... its 5 AM.
by Kaybe24 June 10, 2007
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When you have sex and that dick goes deep in your pussy
Boy: I'm cumming

Girl: NO you need to start getting deep
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by Cummy cammy May 28, 2016
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