When an old Italian man of short stature ranging from 5'-1" to 5'-6" repeatedly tries to insert his small foot into your anus as you are running for you life.
The boys were running for their little lives as papi Mario was chasing them while cursing in Italian and screaming 'come back here so i can hop you!'.

Maybe we shouldn't play ball in the house, we may end up getting hopped by papi.
by fat guy strangler July 24, 2011
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-jump into 'gear', get fucking moving!!
when i 'barked' orders my computer wouldn't get hopping, then went pale and and stank on me!

the marine D.I. barked orders, but his recruits wouldn't get hopping

duane wanted something done, but the people wouldn't get hopping...
by michael foolsley March 13, 2010
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