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When someone asks you a personal question and you feel that you have done a superior job in that field, especially when you're zooted, and you respond with, "im good on that". Can also be used to deny anything you do not give a shit about.
McWeeder: Dude i think its kicked
Pyrate: oh word, so shanny your a graphic design major?
Shanny: Get familiar, im obviously gettin good on that.

Buyer: Bro do you have any?
Seller: Nigga, betta believe im gettin good on that.

Sammy: Pete are you even paying attention?
Pete: Nah nigga im good on that.

Mother: Roger your father has passed away..
Roger: Nah nigga im good on that

Teacher: Benjamin, here is your test.
Ben: na teach im good on that.
by Dezzi & The Chillers December 06, 2010
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