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A mecha anime created by mangaka Go Nagai. It became an anime in April 4, 1974. Getter Robo is piloted by originaly by three young men: Ryoma Nagare(Getter 1), Hayato Jin(Getter 2), and Musashi Tomoe(Getter 2). There are many other sequels such as "Getter Robo G", "Getter Robo Go", "Shin(New) Getter Robo", "Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo". It has also appeared in the big screens. There are few movies where robots from other series appear, such as Grendizer and Great Mazinger. This series has also appeared in the "Super Robot Taisen" or "Super Robot Wars" series. Appearing in nearly most of the games. The reason they do not appear in all the game is because of the original-only games such as "Super Robot Taisen Original Generation" which only featured mechas created by Banpresto. Getter Robo also has a game of its own, called "Getter Robo Daikessen" for PSX.
Getter Robo is one of the best robots ever!!!
by Adzagam October 23, 2007
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