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Getfugu, Inc., based in Los Angeles, California, is the next generation mobile search tool and e-commerce application. Getfugu's "See It," "Say It" and "Get It" mobile application leverages the mobile phone's core strengths delivering a seamless mobile application that redefines how consumers interact with their mobile phone. Additionally, getfugu offers the only mobile hotspotting ecommerce platform available today.

Getfugu will work on over 97% of the mobile phones (over 3.3 billion handsets) worldwide. Currently, it is available on iPhone, Android and select Blackberry models. It will be the only carrier agnostic, platform agnostic, country agnostic search tool that will function on so many different phones. No other mobile application will have the potential to reach as many mobile consumers as Getfugu will.

Getfugu has an unique business model. Centered around the consumer, Getfugu asks them to tell us which of the 400,000,000 brands are important. Consumers submit logos to be added to Getfugu, which provides a key link to the brand. As part of its commitment to consumers, Getfugu remunerates them for any brands they bring to Getfugu that become Getfugu advertisers.
LionsGate and GetFugu team up to bring the Daybreakers experience to your mobile phone.
by GetFugu January 07, 2010
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