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Akin to the seemingly antiquated phrase "Get a room," "Get a Chatroom" should be used openly towards couples, or anyone for that matter, getting a bit too mushy online. Perfect for facebook wall conversations. It can also be used for when your notifications get bombarded because you decided to say "Nice Outfit!" on a friend's picture. This picture then sparked a flirtfest between the picture-poster and another random individual, leaving you to not only get annoyed, but notified! Next time you see this retch-inducing display online, let them know what they should do!
John: Oh baby, you look so hot O_O

Lisa: AwWw, thanks smoochems! I loveeee yOoOoO! Can't wait to see you later, muahhhhhh!

John: YOU can't wait?! You should see me over here!! I'm itching to get off so I can come visit my hunny bunny!

Rudy: Ewww, Get a Chatroom you guys!
by SKSharma January 25, 2011
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Used when two or more people are driving you crazy with there endless annoying chatter. You can also throw in the expletive "Fucking"

This I know is not a "word"
"Get a chat room"
by Tommy February 23, 2004
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Something you say to yourself when you see two people openly flirting on a social network, usually on Twitter or Facebook. Similar to, "Get a room" IRL.
omg Brad and Stacey wont stop posting on each others wall, they need to get a chat room.
by haaaravaeaya June 07, 2015
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when two or more people fill your facebook wall with wall posts that have no meaning and just waste space and piss people off
i have homework


by screwged February 01, 2011
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