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1) Get your shit together.

2) Straighten out your act.

When one is acting out of accordance with how they should be, as expected by the rest of the individuals in a group, any one of the group has the responsibility to assert unto the outlined individual to get his tits in a line.

When ones tits are out of line, it is extremely unnatural and must be rectified as quickly as possible.
1, "Hey guys let's go do activities!!"

2, "Yeah!!"

3, "No guys I'm tired let's stay inside and do nothing."

1 and/or 2, "Get your tits in a line and Let's Go!"

EX 2:

1, "Guys I don't want to play this game."

2, "Get your tits in a line, and your ass on the grass. We're playing."
by koloman April 24, 2011
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