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To perform a facial expression which is a hybrid of scowling and pouting, in order to generate sympathy for oneself, whilst also displaying disgust or distaste for a situation.

First created by Bao in the early 1990's, scouting became increasingly popularised after 2000, with many people adopting the expression to 'get your scout on' to be almost interchangeable with 'pity whore'.
1. "Oh man! I totally pwned Bao's ass at Starcraft the other day, he totally got his scout on!"

2. "Man my girlfriend was giving me such shit the other day."

"Dude, you should totally get your scout on."

3. "Check Bao out dude, he's totally scouting you."

"Well, he'll get no pity from me. Not with that sassy attitude."
by irish_leper January 26, 2006
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