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To engage in drinking heavily and clubbing to the point where one's face is sweating with inspiration and excellence. No, this is not synonymous with glowing or sparkling that adolescent and immature twilight fans are use too. Let's face it, no one looking to get their faces wet wants to be a pussy.

Common among fraternity bothers at social gatherings. Can also be exclusive to a group of friends or a posse.
Bro 1: "C'mon bros, let's get our faces wet!"
Bro 2: "Hell ya bro, let's do this! We'll hit every club and casino until our faces are dripping with excellence."

Bros: "Hey ohhhhh..."

Later that night...

Bro 1: "Holy shit bro, my clubbing skills are maxed for the night and they've already placed a caution sign where we were dancing!"

Bro 2: "Chill out bro. You're taking this clubbing too seriously. Save some of that excellence for tomorrow. We're just getting started. Soon, our Get Your Face Wet club will be sweeping the nation."
by anorton March 20, 2012
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