The act of forcing someone to continue a conversation with you on AIM.

The reasons for this are nearly as long as my member, and includes, but are not limited to:

The chat interface on whatever game you're on sucks.

You are about to share sensitive information (passwords, porn links, phone numbers, etc.), and do not want to risk other people reading it, or for some reason you believe that PM's will not suffice due to security vulnerabilities.

Getting tired of verbally talking (Ventrilo, cell phone, Skype) and would prefer to chat on AIM's interface than their proprietary chat box.

You would rather type on your laptop then send text messages back and forth on cell phones with small qwerty keyboards or T9.

Anytime someone attempts to message you on Facebook chat.

-Logs into Facebook-

-Starts reading updates from other friends-

Message from John Doe:

John Doe: hey

You: whats up

-3 minute pause-

John Doe: you there?

You: yeah i said whats up, did you get it?

-2 minute pause-

John doe has logged off

John doe has logged on

John doe: helllllooooo

You: get on aim
by Interactive September 29, 2009