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An Asian bitch who only focuses on school and being a complete angry asshole to her friends. Usually dating a white man way older than her. She was most likely raised by parents who didn't love her enough to raise her right.
Did you hear what Geryldine said to her? What a bitch
by R00_ August 05, 2017
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Geryldine is a person who is an awesome person, she is usually an otaku and also usually dating a boy named "Andrew". She is a smart student in school and is mostly complaining about stuff. Even though she can't keep some
secrets she is still a good friend to be friends with.
"I wish I was a Geryldine so I could date Andrew!"
"OMG you are such a Geryldine, you got straight A's this semester."
by Bronypowerfolyfe December 26, 2014
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