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No this is not german or dutch or any other language someone wants to try and come up with. It does not exist. Until now. Basically, this word is for us guys out there...who need some poon. I'm talking major poon here fellas. Those guys who just want to get some damn action. Guys need action at least once a month, its like the energy drink that keeps you energized throughout the year. This word is for you. Alright...on to the definition

Gershnof: Description of any type of situation with a female where you could get some but you don't. And/or when you are deprived of the monthly sexual energizer. ANd/or any type of poonage you did not get. And/or any situation where you are like "fuck that sucked" involving a female. Basically, you can apply this word to almost any unlucky situation with a female.

"Man this is gershnof"- translation: fuck this shit, this sucks.
"I'm freaking gershnof"-Translation: I NEED SOME FREAKIN ACTION MAN
"This gershnof is killing me"Translation- i haven't had my monthly energizer of poon. i might die of "desexualhydration "
"I need to get out of this gershnof" Translation- I need some poon now.
Gershnof can basically be a noun, adjective, verd, doesn't really matter. its a universal concept that describes the horrible truth of the true pain a guy goes through when he is deprived of badly needed action.
I leave this all guys deprived of poon...we pray for you.
by Mike12345678910 May 31, 2007
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