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A person of both Irish and German heritage.

Germish Americans are often from Midwestern and Catholic cities where large numbers of German and Irish folks came together, got drunk, had sex, and then had to get married before the lady started to show since they were good, devote Catholics...but just liked to have a little bit too much fun. After getting married, these couples then produced small armies of children who made similar mistakes with the children of other "mixed" couples, and produced their own small armies, and so on, thus producing the large Germish American populations seen in cities such as Cincinnati, Ohio.

A benefit of being Germish is having freckles and maybe even red hair, but also being to a get a tan. Best of both worlds.
So what's your ancestory?

I'm Germish American, of course! 50% German, 50% Irish. My family has been living in Cincinnati since the 1850s. What else would you expect?
by SevenHills June 11, 2009
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