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An amazing person who deserves the world. They are gay af but the dicc is good too πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ. They are always there to support you and to cheer you up. Extremely relatable. Has gone through a lot of shit but always prevails through it. A queen. Will (most of the time) understand your vine/meme references. She's very funny and also fangirls with you. She is accepting as well and has sass and will fite you. She can throw some shade nicely too :,) SHES ONE OF THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE COSMIC UNIVERSE YALL😩😀😀
Friend: I love you, biTCh
Gerdlie: I ain't never gon' stop lovin' you...
Both: BItCh
by (☭ ΝœΚ– ☭) June 10, 2018
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