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A Gerbil Shot is when one bends the shaft of a 1.75 of vodka (plastic bottle only) to a 90 degree angle. Once this has been completed the person who bent the bottle flips the bottle upside down into another persons mouth (The Gerbil) while the person receiving the vodka holds their hand up with their wrists bent as if they were a gerbil. The one receiving the Gerbil Shot guzzles as much vodka (Karkov) out as possible. This is commonly confused with a mild case of cerebral palsy but is generally known as a Gerbil Shot.
Sally: Hi Honey how was work?
Jermaine: It was a rough day I lost three clients.
Sally: Well I have just the thing to cheer you up!
Jermaine: What might that be?
Sally: A Gerbil Shot!
Jermaine: Now I remember why I married you!
by Steve Ke September 11, 2007
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Gerbil Shot:
This is when one who may be diagnosed with autisim takes a plastic alchohol bottle (karkov) and bends the plastic top at a 90 degree angle. Then next step is to have a friend or oneself flip the 1.75 of vodka upside down into his or hers mouth with the one who is recieveing the gerbil shot puts ones hands up with the flick of a wrist and keep the wrist bent as if they are a gerbil. The point is to guzzle as many gerbil shots as possible out of the bottle. It is also optional for the one recieving the shot to act as if they are running on their gerbil wheel before recieving.
Oh my gosh I could totally go for a gerbil shot. I heard a rumor that Gerbil shots can cure AIDS. Lets take em!
by Steve Keane September 05, 2007
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