The lead singer of my chemical romance. Thease girls think hes "hott". I've seen him, and hes very ugly. Hes NOT hott. He can't sing. He looks like a freak. He has long black hair and wears makeup. He must be gay.

see: my chemical romance

I bet GERARD can't sing his WAY out out of a paper bag.
MCRfan: LYK, OH MI GAWD!1!! Gerard is lyk soooooooooooooooo hotttttt!1!!!!11!!! Hes the only reason I lyk MCR.
by SABRINA (emo hater) March 02, 2005
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the most un-scene person on the face of this planet. the object of almost every single teeniebopper girl under 14. most lovers of way and his band are posers according to pretty much any scenester you ask. this includes me. he will never be scene or hardcore or even emo, mostly because of the fact that he wears make up. one word- faggot.
jon: gah, gerard way is such a fag!
kesha: yeah i know, the only people at the stage when his band played were all the little 14 year olds that are too scared to go in the pit during atreyu.
jon: yeah and he wishes he was fashioncore like us.
kesha: yeah he's stupid.
by scenexcore jon. December 24, 2005
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Lead singer of the New Jersey rock band My Chemical Romance, also a talented artist, brother of Mikey Way.
He's also very attractive.
I would.
How wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying. - Gerard Way
by liastd August 28, 2006
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lead singer of my chemical romance, a great band.
But gerard i think likes the sound of his own voice since he hogs interviews!
interviewer: "how are you guys?"

other members of mcr: "...gre."

Gerard Way:(cuts in) "were great thanks, now lets talk about me and my sexy voice!"

by bluefurrymonster August 05, 2007
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one of the most overrated singers of all time and does not really deserve the attention he gets
Old before the black parade mcr fan: man gerard way is totally fake

New only black parade mcr fan: no he's not he is just as good as Patrick Stump maybe even better, but they are totally not fake or sellout or anything else because they rock and you dont know what good music is also Gerard ranks up there with 50 Cent and Fergie my other faves!

Old before black parade mcr fan: Oh yea you are truly dedicated *sarcastic*
by ninjaberp October 18, 2007
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