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Often confused with the Dairy Queen treat, the Georgia Mud Fudge is actually, when you make a deposit of fecal matter inside someone's bed linens, and subsequently conceal the hefty load within said bedding.
Scene from Godfather... except bloody horsehead is replaced with giant, juicy deuce.

Georgia Mud Fudgee: "Man! My socks are covered in mud... I didn't sleep walk, did I?"

Gergia Mud Fudger: "Naw, man. That ain't mud, you got Georgia Mud Fudged. Dude... check this out!"

Innocent Third Party: "Dude your socks smell like shit. Quit walking around, your smearing shit everywhere."

See also: Ass Comet
by Towelliie April 12, 2009
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Shit produced from a persons ass when they receive anal without having there colon thoroughly flushed out.
Last night while giving Claud anal, i realized she had not received her monthly enema when my dick and balls were covered in georgia mud fudge.

by The Family Sfinkt April 13, 2009
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