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George A. Romero is a director known for making zombie films, arguably the greatest "zombie" director of all time.

He's the director who made zombie films what they are now. He made Night of the Living Dead back in the 60s, Dawn of the Dead in the 70s, Day of the Dead in the 80s, and recently Land of the Dead in 2005 and Diary of the Dead in 2007.

Also made such films as Creepshow, Two Evil Eyes and The Crazies.

His more popular zombie movies are often socially satirical in some way, for example themes about consumerism in Dawn of the Dead and Iraq War allegories in Land of the Dead.

His next zombie film is supposed to be "Survival of the Dead", and it looks like it could be cool.
George A. Romero is the greatest zombie-film director of all time
by Rejecttherejecter January 19, 2010
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