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Orginated from Room 435 of Territorial Hall at the University of Minnesota in Fall of 2009. This game can be played in teams or free-for-all. A mug is placed approximately 10-15 feet from players. players get the same number of pingpong balls each round. players take turn shooting and trying to make it in the cup. If one makes a cup, the other two must drink a shot or an equivalent drink. if more than one make a shot, the remaining players must drink double. if a single player makes 2 balls in a round, the rest must drink 2 and etc with any more balls. if a ball bounces back to you, you may shoot the ball in hopes of making it. Defense of all kinds is allowed only when trying to pick up rebounded balls. The person who doesnt make the shot or the last person to touch his finger to his nose at the end of a round has to gather all the balls. ADD OWN RULES AT WILL.

Orgin of the name of the game comes from the first official match in which Geoff absolutely dominated his opponents
hey man, it's thursday night, lets hit up some Geoff's Cup at the Rave!
by TheInventors December 01, 2009
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