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1. geo- |ˌdʒioʊ|: of or relating to the earth : e.g Geopolitics
2. corporate |ˌkɔrp(ə)rət| of or relating to a corporation, esp. a large company or group : airlines are very keen on their corporate identity.

Just like geopolitics, which refers to international politics as influenced by geographical factors, Geocorporatics refers to unwritten and/or written corporate policies in international organization as influenced by geographical factors. The term was coined by Euloge Ishimwe a communications and international relations analyst in 2009.
At the UN regional offices, geocorporatics determine what resources to allocate to, say the Africa Regional office as apposed to the Europe office. This is because the Africa offices, owing to its geographical and demographical context, will a require different budget, different specialists, different equipment.

In fact, due to geocorporatics, these two offices (Africa and Europe) will not be treated the same way, even thought they are have the same caliber in a de jure sense.
by Damian McNeil March 24, 2010
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