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a mini version of westerville central; there are many girls who get pregnant by their step-fathers, and boys sell weed to each other in front of the main office. Although, boys and girls have hormones raging, so there is a great amount of sexual tension, too. Boys have measured their dicks in study hall, and most girls have a new boyfriend every two weeks. The vice principal seems as though that he watches the children at this school sleep at night through the windows, and sometimes he gets through, and rapes the child. He has said that his idol is Bill Cosby.
Person 1: You know that school that had the vice principal fired?

Person 2: Yeah, I went there. It is Genoa Middle School
by you know who wrote this lol November 07, 2016
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Genoa Middle School is a happy place where students can have fun but also learn at the same time! The teachers are very helpful and eager to help all the students that they can! It is a family friendly environment and is open to any and all! Genoa Middle School is safe and is super enjoyable to be there!
Person 1: Hey, do you know what school that is that we just passed?

Person 2: Yeah! I used to go there, it's Genoa Middle School and I loved it there!
by A Happy Person:) January 24, 2017
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