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2010 car made by Hyundai
base model has 210-225 hp turbocharged 4 cylinder engine
starting at 22k for the base and 23k for the base r-spec

v6 model has 305-315 hp NA engine
starts at 24k

all genesis coupes have RWD, available 6 speed transmission (standard on most)
19 inch wheels, option of brembo brakes, all season or summer tires.

Rhys millen chose the 2010 hyundai genesis to be the red bull drift car, and modified it to 500 hp and replaced most of the outer panels with carbon fiber. HKS is currently working on making products for this car.
the genesis coupe is coming soon, get ready for the re-emergence of the lightweight rwd coupe. the like of this have not been seen since the end of the production of the S15
by RetfirDMX February 14, 2009
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The car that most people mistake for as a Bentley. Little do they know that it is a non expensive Korean sports car. If you drive down the street with this car, you'll be turning heads and smoking ignorant ricers. Many people will go out of their way just to ask what model and make it is.
Guy 1: Daammnnn, what car is that?
Guy 2: It's a Hyundai Genesis Coupe.
Guy 1: Whaaat, really? I thought Hyundai's were shit.
by ArKane August 21, 2013
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