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A Geneau is a small animal, found in North-Eastern parts of North-America, the Geneau has a Squeaky call, and exhibits homosexual tendencies towards other species. The Geneau is fiercly protective, and will kill to defend its food. The Geneau mainly eats Babyous-Cockous which can be found growing on the Kok bush. The Geneau is a very odd creature when it comes to mating. It will only mate with a female once in its life to make a baby, the rest of its life it mates with males. It is also odd because it has one of the smallest penises in the animal kingdom for its body size, measuring only 1.6 cm in length.
"Man I was hiking through the woods and I passed a Kok bush and a Geneau jumped out and almost ripped my head off!"
by GeneauHunter February 25, 2009
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