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The biggest kiss-ass on Smogon, and ultimately just a huge fag. He thinks he's good at Ubers but in reality he just sucks. He works too hard at attempting to gain respect and he ends up looking stupid.
Gen. Empoleon: Jumpy! <3

Jumpman16: Hey, Gen.

Gen. Empoleon: I finished the Parasect analysis! Now I can show how good he is in Ubers!

Gen.Empoleon: If anybody wants to read it just ask me!!!

Jumpman16: In a bit, I'm busy.

Gen. Empoleon: Are you sure? It's really great, I put hours of work into it just like with every Team Rate I do! It's a surprise I haven't gotten a badge yet, and I'm not even a Mod either! It's a shame, because I spend my whole life on Smogon, and I don't leave the house other than to get food. I mostly stay on Shoddy posting little hearts made with < and 3 to try and kiss up to people. Because once I finally get modded on Smogon, my life will be complete.

TU-Faint: Gen. you suck.

Gen. Empoleon: Guys ban him! He's trolling me!!

Dracoyoshi08: Who wants a hug! Hugs for all!! <3 <3
by Loco of the Poke February 14, 2009
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