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Also: Gelphy, Gleph, Gelph Ann Marie

A very peculiar and stubborn creature. Possesses dry, dirty native feet for the purpose of being sneaky-sneaky. Plagued with an EXTREMELY short attention span, speech impediment, and an OCD for the number 5 (naanan). Harbors an insatiable thirst for alcohol. Speaks a rare, difficult language known as Jabber. Enjoys INSTIGATING and being nerdy.

Derived from the term 'Gelfling'. In ancient times referred to the last survivors of a fawn-like elfin race known as the Gelflings.

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Damn you Gelph! Why ya gotta be like that?

"I jhHlate yeouf lso emcuh rihgth; vnoliw!!" says Gelph
by k-DONK January 23, 2005
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