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1. The business community and economic activity that emerges around geek culture; the production and consumption of nerdy goods and services, such as comic cons and other pop culture conventions.

2. The geekonomy can also refer to products (Star Wars punk rock albums), art (comic book artists), crafts, etc. with a geek interest.

First notably used by journalist Dyer Oxley on episode 40 of the NW NERD Podcast.
"Wow. I opened a booth at Emerald City Comic Con and did more business with my artwork than I do all year!"
"That's the geekonomy for ya."

"The Hoot Hoots released a Star Wars tribute album!"
"That's gonna be a big seller in the geekonomy."

"Bremerton is starting a comicon."
"Yeah, they're trying to get in on that geekonomy."
by CafeWhiskey March 01, 2018
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A parallel economy consisting of items that do not exist for normal consumers.
Normal economy: Cars, tires, gasoline. Geek-onomy: Star Wars figurines, Second Life avatars & shop space, Virtual world gloves.
by Richard Burton, Jr. October 06, 2008
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