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An attempt by an individual to defend overt jumps in logic made by film-makers and authors in science fiction and fantasy movies or books. To go beyond what is obvious (or semi-obvious) to the average move-goer or book-reader to defend what was poor planning on the part of the creator. Be it anachronisms, poor research or cheap shortcuts to move a plot along. Geeks are FAMOUS for coming up with excuses as to why something in a favored movie was not self-evident to one of its critics. Some twisty "clever" explanation outside of what is available in the actual film is the geeks explanation. Usually some thought that a character was having about the situation, or some magical math that's only available in the sci-fi world in which the genre occurs.
Astrophysicist: A parsec is a measure of space and not time, so how could Han Solo have "made the Kessel Run in under 12 Parsecs"? It makes no sense!

Geek Logician: You see Kessel runners had to deposit smuggled spice shipments in between freighters traveling at a fixed speed, so that the shorter distance covered by said freighters during a Run was regarded as bragging rights.
by Douche Bigalow May 25, 2008
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