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1. This is the expression used when one has accomplished greatness or is in the presence of greatness. For example, one of your favorite food dishes is served to you this is an appropriate moment to use geeersh.

2. You are a man and have sex... you are about to ejaculate this is also an appropriate time to say Geeersh!

3. You think of something particularly cool it is appropriate to use geeersh.

4. A word that can be used in many ways depending on the tone of usage or when u explain something to someone and how amazing it is it is appropriate to add a geeersh at the end of your story.

5. When you are showing off your sexual prowess by flexing muscles it is appropriate to add the loudest deepest geeersh you can muster out of the bottom of your throat.

6. A battle cry used before attempting to accomplishing anything.
*mom puts amazing food in front of you when fucking hungry*
Hungry Guy: "Geeersh!"

Guy1: *just kicked ass in Monopoly*
Guy2: "Fuck"
Guy1: "GEEERSH!"

*2 bisexual chicks walk in and start sucking dick out of nowhere*
Lucky Guy: "Geeersh!"

Guy1: "Dude, guess what? My favorite band is in town this weekend."
Guy2: "No fucking way!"
Guy1: "Yeah dude, Geeersh."

*outside Room 1178*
Guy1: "I'm going to get an A+ on this Oraganic Chemistry Final, Geeersh!"
by Synth Terrorist December 16, 2008
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