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pronouced "Gee-a-mur-mania"

A word describing a condition when a person hears anything from video game theme songs to simple game sound effects (super mario jumping, noise it makes when running into a pokemon and it going into battle mode on any of the gameboy verisons of pokemon), to a computer mouse clicking noise and a buzzing noise a faulty computer monitor may make, all when trying to fall asleep.
Man walks into work at the office having bloodshot eyes and bags that sit right under them while drinking huge amounts of caffeine. His friend slowly walks up to him.

Friend- "Man looks like you havent slept in days! what happen!!?"

Man- "I think i got that damn GEEAMERMANIA again! i had it when i was a kid, i used to play games and be on the computer alot......the sounds never stop!!"

::friend floor slaps man in hopes of waking him up more::
by Gabesuckapunch September 28, 2009
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