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A very good friend who is sometimes needy/clingy. Does not learn from her/his mistakes and is very independent. Also a very beautiful/handsome person and has an amazing smile.Feels bad when someone is upset with her/him and tries hard to fix it. Very sensitive and has a great personality, can be inappropriate but everyone loves her/him. She/he is secretive and always puts her/his walls up. Doesn't have that many female friends and is usually considered as "one of the guys". You can easily break her/his heart and he/she will always try to hide it. Usually becomes best friends with his/her ex. Athletic when she/he wants to be and talented in many different ways. Favorite sport is either soccer, baseball or football.
"Did you see Gebrey out there today?!"

"Gebrey is a real risk taker!"

"Omg...did you see Gebrey in that fight today!?"
by Faggots forlife June 21, 2016
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