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A place near Narnia where you go after you die or decide to abandon the world. People there remain inmortal and are blessed with devine perfection. Only some can enter... CONS: flying pandas, raining men, raining whores (unusual), inmortality, devine perfection, drugs, alcohol, and more... CONTRAS: possibility of getting raped by floggers, unknown species similar to JB, lots and lots of squirrel eagles that eat your soul, and others.
How to get there: south from heaven, take a right turn to the left of the north, then cross the flower of the dolphin that will eat flying gnomes.
-The harcore mother fucker entered Geaven. It was so beautiful but I couldnt enter because I was wearing flourescent blue pants. (all colored pants are banned from Geaven)

Mefis: OMG! Did you hear? Lisa went to Geaven!
Nicky: Oh shit.. Im so jelaous...
Mefis: Ik! Go kill yourself............ JK, JK
by 1800devinesouls January 18, 2012
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