A french word-play on the verb go.

Derives from areas highly populated with Cajun Americans, Louisiana State University Tigers fans, or more commonly both.
"G-e-a-u-x, Geaux Tigers, Geaux!"
"Here we geaux Tigers, here we geaux!"
by Tigahfan May 7, 2004
A lot of Cajun names end in -eaux (comeaux, boudreaux, thibodeaux) with an "oh" sound. So a lot of local Louisiana teams use "Geaux (insert team here)" to play off of their Louisiana and Cajun heritage. The word is often thrown around by teams but a perfect example of correct usage would be by University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Ragin Cajuns.
Geaux Cajuns!!!
by Seandroog June 7, 2010
A word used for conversation such as going
How’s it geauxing ladies?
by Lilcheesecurd October 8, 2021
Cajun word...eaux makes a O sound so its GO!
by LSUTJM...GEAUX TIGERS January 31, 2004
A sound made to distinguish an awkward or inappropriate comment/moment.

A more extreme version of "yikes".

Originates from the season 4 episode "Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High" of Family Guy.
Example 1:

Fish 1: You know what I hate? A guy in a blue suit.
Fish 2: Geaux!
Fish 3: Ssssss, there's one right behind me, isn't there?

Example 2:

Guy: I'm not sure, but I think I might be gay.
Others: Geaux!
by Ringo (stalks you) January 3, 2009
Cajun spelling for who dat nation spelled by Saints fans
Geaux saints who dat who dat who dat say dey gunna beat dem saints
by sasquach_the_infamous December 20, 2013
When the top definition is gae so this one will be
LSU Fan's sign: Geaux Tigers!

LSU Fan's sign 2: That's what mine said!
by hhhandle January 15, 2020