-An improper form of performing a hand-job.

-When a girl, rather than stroking guy's junk properly, thinks it is necessary to pull a guy's penis back and forth like a manual car's gear shifter.
Mike: Hey man, how was she?
Dominique: She did it again.
Mike: HA! You got gear shifted!

Mike: Dom, how was it with that girl last night?
Dominique: Dude what the fuck, she gave me the gear shifter.

by Automatic transmission May 10, 2008
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When a girl is giving a handjob she thinks it it necessary to pull guy's penis forward and backward similar to that of a car's manual transmission. Also can simply refer to a bad handjob.
Bob: I hooked up with that girl last night

Bill: Was it good?

Bob: No... I got the Gear shifter
by Nicholas Freedman July 11, 2008
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