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Adjective: offensively malodorous; "a foul odor"; "the kitchen smelled really gealthy"

Noun: Snack food made of a thin slice of white potato that has been cooked until crisp and then usually salted. Also known as Saratoga Chips or potato crisps. "She devoured the bag of gealth quickly"

Noun: A term to describe the most retarded show in the history of T.V. "Jersey Shore" is commonly called gealth, while Pee Wee's playhouse is placed into the "Ungealthy" category.

Verb: To Gealth is to be infected with a # any of various cosmetic preparations that are applied to the skin with liquid preparation having a soothing or antiseptic or medicinal action when applied to the skin; "a gealth for dry skin"
At Gealth's we make it easy to Create Your Own Stir-Fry. Just follow our four easy steps. Click on Create A Bowl in the main menu to get started.
by Gealthhh December 09, 2010
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