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The female, Draenei, Hunter on World of Warcraft. This character has an array of different emotes in the game and normally combats all her problems with a spam of "/laugh". She can do anything and is everything, but most of all win. Gazzums is win, and generally better than you at everything. If you have a problem with Gazzums being better than you, just take her advice and "put a gun to your head cause you lose! :)"
Gazzums can never be wrong everything she does is right. People who don't like Gazzums are normally impotent, suffering from chronic diharrea, afraid of their own shadow, under educated, bad at sports like blowling, incredibly short, have overly large nipples, and severe species confusion. If you suffer from any of the above chances are you don't like Gazzums.

Gazzums: The absolute, perfect in every way, better than you at checkers, smarter than you concerning the topic of EVERYTHING, having more interesting things to say than you, without flaw, able to fly when no one is looking.

Gazzums is actually a Blood Elf. Well... she's as close to one as a Draenei can get. She has a red lynx named Tobasco who is better than you becuase it's house trained and kills anything Gazzums wants it to.

Gazzums' interests include: CURTAINS
Gazzums: /lol /lol /lol /lol
Idiot 1: God you're so annoying!! GTFO!!!
Gazzums flips Idiot 1 the bird. The bird is the word, Jackass!
Idiot 2: Oh ya real immature, what are you liek 12???
Gazzums: Why do you want to know my age so badly? OOH!!! Are you a child molester? I bet you're a child molester. Do childmolesters sever 1 consecutive life sentence or 2? I forget. Can you remind me?
Whispering to friend: He's totally a child molester.
by Gazzums June 21, 2009
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