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The correct teminology for Gaia Online. "Gaya" is also acceptable. This phrase is commonly used by people who dislike Gaia Online, or "H4x0rs" who claim to hate Gaia, yet are on it nearly every day, constantly thinking up new ways to become rich on the site they claim to hate.

Rumors are in circulation that "Gaya" gained it's nick name because word spread that the creator may or may not be gay. For the most part it is called "Gaya" because Gaia has abandoned what got it it's origional users, causing nearly anyone from '03 - early 05 to either quit or begin to hate Gaia. The largest part of this is Gaia's overuse of it's cash system, making it nearly impossible to "get rich" without spending real money on pixels; along with their constant changes without considering what their users think.

"Gaya" moderators also play a part in the growing hatred for the site. They are generally corrupt, banning people for no reason. The creator himself is rumored to do this.
The moderators are generally lazy, sloppy, and only concerned with themselves.
"I quit Gaya a long time ago."


"The mods suck, the h4x0rs think they can really hack, and there is too many cash whores."

"Oh, hey, isn't Gaya's creator guy gay? I thinks his name isLlanz.. something or other."

"I don't kow dude, but his site sure is."

"Yeah, I don't think Gayaonline is for me."

"Nah, I wouldn't even reccomend it to a well rounded dumbass."

"Hey doood, wanna h4x Gaya for goldz?"

"Yes, g0ld ish g00dz, we shall h4x0r Gaya!"
by DeathGodRaven May 20, 2010
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