Unless you love gays, you are instantly a 'homophobe' and the gay bandwagon tramples on you because of their mind altered atheism. They hate god and their own religions because they've grown up watching Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. plus, their parents hate them, because they came from a woman but now they want to fuck a guy for no reason.
Boy: "I don't like gays."

Girl: "GAY!"

gay cult, everyone.
by God is better than you February 03, 2014
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A group of problematic little shits who consist of a legitimate school shooter, a fat fuck who’s an asshole, someone who actually tries, the one true meme lord, two kids that are probably gay and,,, some other bitches.
by Pyromaniia November 11, 2018
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Gay will minion cult is a group that was created on march 25th of 2020, also known as gwmc.
person 1: hey gay will minion cult member
person 2: hi
by pluto69420 June 22, 2021
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