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Gay boy wonderland (GBWL) is the place that gay boys go that the rest of us can't follow. Its a place where the boys are beautiful and the pressures of everyday life don't exist. In GBWL it is ok to be a Barista even if you've had four years of college. Its also ok to realize that the world revolves around you and the rest of GBWL. These are all acceptable things. GBWL can also be used as an adjective to describe a particularly flamboyant photo, clothing item, gesture, etc.

We've all been ditched for a cute boy immediately upon entering a club or bar. We've all wondered what in the world our gay best friend is thinking when he is sure he's in love again (with a gogo-dancer, 'fashion designer' or interior decorator). We have all been taken for granted when more 'pressing' social matters take hold. And we've all heard the excuses:
"I could use this college degree but I get a great discount if I work at Armani"
"By the way, I know we had plans but I can't go out with you tonight...something just came up..."

NOTE: Don't worry if you get lost in GBWL...we will always be around when you get back.

Sorry that Charles won't be joining us tonight, we think he's lost in Gay Boy Wonderland.

Oh my god, that sweater is sooooo Gay Boy Wonderland (GBWL).

by esmussein2 April 08, 2009
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