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Gatsbys American Dream (there is no apostrophe) is the sliver of hope amongst a world of shitty, generic, thoughtless, pop punk shit.
The band has their roots in indie, pop punk, and folk, but incorporates several other genres including metal and post-hardcore.

Each member of the band has made a risky move by learning the ancient arts of music making:

The singer's lyrics are poetic, metaphorical, and instead of singing about ex-girlfriends, he sings about events in literature, therefore forcing the listener to use his or her brain.

The guitars (Mainly Bobby) have looked into the past and learned what we once called "guitar chords", in oppose to the modern "power chord". Bobby often uses minor chords, bar chords, and sevenths.

The bassist read an encyclopedia and learned that bass is short for bass GUITAR, and actually plays it like one, instead of constantly playing rythm.

"When Vin Diesel invented the drums, he appointed Rudy Gajadhar as the overseer to the instrument. You can't top his skillz." Unlike all drummers in modern music, the drummer has developed his skills to keep rythm, and stand out at the same time, like God intended.

I haven't heard enough of the keys, but it's not often someone makes a ringing organ sound good.

The bands only shortcoming is that, after their debut album, the went hysterical and decided NOT to use the mind-numbing chorus-verse-chorus song structure in EVERY SONG, making the band unbelievably better, but sadly, angering the mighty money thirsty record labels.

If you like talent, and lots of it. Give any CD by this band a listen.
If you like Green Day and think power chords are always good, I highly recomend you stay away, this might scare you.

Nic Newsham- Sings and writes
Bobby Darling- Plays beast guitar and sings
Kirk Huffman- Plays bass guitar and sings
Kyle O'Quin- Plays keys in the last album
Rudy Gajadhar- Drums like a god
Ryan Van W*$(&*- PLayed the guitar in the first to albums, and sings some of Badlands on the CD Volcano
Dustin- Drums in the first CD, although he ain't no Rudy, he is magnificent.
Listening to Gatsbys American Dream will raise your standards of creative music to a new level:

Unenlightened guitarist: Hey you wanna hear a song I wrote?

Enlightened guitarist: Sure!

*Unenlightened plays a solid three minutes of nothing but the same 4 power chord progressions and wails about how his ex left him*

Enlightened: ...didn't Sum 41 make that song already?
Why didn't you play any chords?

Unenlightened: What's a chord?
by Willbert. July 22, 2009
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