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Refers to the legal case in which Henry Louis Gates Jr, a Harvard Professor who teaches, among other topics, identity politics issues such as racial profiling accuses sergeant James Crowley of the Cambridge police force, who himself teaches other Cambridge police officers about racial profiling and how to avoid it, of racial profiling when sergeant Crowley arrested Professor Gates for disorderly conduct on July 16th 2009.
Pete: What's up with that thing about that black Harvard professor accusing the white cop of racial profiling?

John: Ya I've seen it. It's Gates gate. It's all over the news. Now get your fat brown eye off the remote so I can watch Red Eye.
by Ur Daddie July 24, 2009
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The controversy surrounding the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Harvard University scholar and educator, and the subsequent allegations of racial profiling and racism against the Cambridge (MA) Police Department.
The health care lobbyist is annoyed that Gatesgate has overshadowed the news coverage of the debate to which she has invested so much time.
by Bud J. July 28, 2009
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