The saying states that if a man is providing a ride or transportation for a girl. She must have common courtesy to supply the man with one of 3 things in return. 1. Grass (Marijuana) 2.Gas (Fuel for his vehicle 3. Ass (Intercourse). If she doesn't give him 1 or more of these 3 things then she would not be able to get a ride. Hence the term nobody rides for free. This became a slang in the mid 1970's when hitchikers would hitch rides down interstate routes. This term applys to homosexual males who want the same 3 options given to a man passanger. Typically a girl would pay with ass due to the fact she doesn't have funds hence why she is hitch hiking for a ride. So her ass is the only asset she can use to get transportation from point A to point B. This still happens today. In fact more then ever. So if you see a girl hitch hiking be sure to apply the gas, ass or grass tactic in your adventures. You may score gas for your ride, some grass to smoke. or usually the most appreciated of the 3. the good old sacred anal sex. So enjoy and proceed on.
Ashley- Hey wait!!

John- Hey whats wrong?
Ashley- I am stranded here in the interstate. I have to walk 105 miles till I get home. my car broke.

John- oh, im so sorry. Do you want a ride?

Ashley- Oh my gosh yes. please. your a life saver

John- But of course Gas, Ass or Grass. Nobody rides for free.

Ashley- Oh I don't have Money on me and I don't smoke.

John- well i don't know then. i guess i cant help

Ashley- No wait, ill give you the ass. i don't want to walk please.

John- Get in

Ashley proceeds to fuck john in the back of his chevy Tahoe until he cums in her mouth and then this will pay for fare of the ride he is providing her. Pretty curel tactic but it is applied often. especially in low population exposed areas without a lot of foot traffic.
by GM123 November 15, 2014
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