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Garfsnort is the word to describe the sound you make when you laugh hard and snort when you need to take in more oxygen.

It is a term that has evolved from the terms gawfaw and snort. Gawfaw also being from Dr Bombay of Bewitched when he used to laugh heartily with his "bahahahahaha" and it was known as a gawfaw.

Gawfaw snort can be abbreviated to garfsnort and appears in most instances anywhere with a hashtag in front of it. #garfsnort

It is a more effective term of hilarity than lol or lmao and shorter to type than bahahahahahahahahaha.
This is the reason why aliens continue to fly past earth on a daily basis....#garfsnort.

He garfsnorted all over the place when his colleague suggested that America would remain a world leader with Donald Trump as President.
by MandaPandy September 24, 2016
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