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A pathetic school located in garfield nj where all there is, is a bunch on polacks, ghetto kids (or they think there ghetto, cause garfield isnt) and a small amount of skaters and scenes. The building is spit between a normal side, a shitty side, and gyms. on the shitty side there is not ceiling. its brown foam... The garfield Jocks cannot play football and they think they can. They lose 90% of the time. oh did i mention the principal's gay? Enough said
1. Hey do you want to go to the Garfield High School Football game?, "why bother, there just gonna lose."

2.Yo niggah lets beat up some GHS kids. "why bro?" Cause they think their us!" "Iight word"
by WhoCaresWhoIam? October 05, 2009
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