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the ancient art of "successfully" practice a fellatio on himself ~or herself( real talent ),
special form of autofellatio, more aggressive or in a skillful/creative way,

when it is practiced in a social environment, with friends, or as a competition it is also often called Garckeling
"Hey Matt I was able to garck!, I think i should go big with it ..."

"Honey i think Jimmy is... well garcking, we should do something."

Breacking News:
"A man was found dead in a kind of pretzel shape near the local train station, he was identified to be 28 year old Jimmy Kumberbacker, it wasn't confirmed yet but apparently it seems that he was trying to garck and died in the process. We have here with us Prf. Dr. Mike Lucil, the known garck sepcialist also recognized due to his contributions in the field of Garckling, the extreme Sport 'Deep Garcking' and the book 'Garcking an adventure of self discovery'... "
by ifindfunnywhenpeoplecough July 15, 2016
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