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A girl that has so much sex that her vagina is literally a gaping hole... When guys have sex with her, she rarely feels anything... She constantly needs to have special custom dildos made for her, since every week or so, her vagina becomes larger.

To sum it all up, if you have every been with a girl, and you needed to use the the phrase: "It was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway" to describe her to your friends, it means you have experienced a gaping whore.
"Wow, that bitch i boinked last night was a gaping whore!"

"Man, that bitch was such a gaping whore, when she stood up after I finished, all my cum just dribbled out! There was literally nothing to hold it inside of her!"

"Shnap, my wife is such a gaping whore, I will never get her pregnant... all my cum keeps flowing out of her!"

"DUDE! That orgy was CRAZY last night! 10 guys came inside of her, an when she stood up afterwards, it was like a fireman hose went off! It all just rushed out!"
by Cock Licker biatch! June 08, 2009
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