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1 - Someone who can smoke incredible amounts of weed, giving off the impression they are some sort of weed wizard.

2 - Someone who always seems to pull weed out of nowhere, like some sort of magic trick, even when they have no job or money to afford as much as they have.
Stoner 1 - Wow, how is Kyle able to smoke such unnatural amount's of weed. I'm already so far gone bro.

Stoner 2 - He's a ganjalf , dude. A weed wizard.

Stoner 1 - Dude, how does Dylan always have weed? Where does he get the money for it all the time, he doesn't even have a job?

Stoner 2 - I dunno dude, it's like he pulls it out of thin air. He must be a ganjalf.
by Any rollies? July 23, 2017
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