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A female that is either with "gangstas" intimately, or part of the group.

Mostly, African-american and/or Latin origin.

Seen in urban communities.

Just about the dirtiest a woman can be without being a prostitute.

Not worth the time or the effort, and nothing compared to the love of a CLEAN, non-gang affiliated woman.

If a Gangsta female wants to have sex with you, be aware of the fact that she may have STDs and 10 times more baggage than the average female can have. (The kind you REALLY don't want either)
by Twentyfour December 29, 2005
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a gangsta female is a female who is and will always be datin the REAL OG's. They are the down ass bitches(in a good way) the ones you can trust and shit. They won't ever leave yo ass cuz if they do then they not a real gangsta female anyway!!! they also badass's to dont fuck with a gangsta female
Jose got him a gangsta female and she is down for whateva!!!
by sierra07 June 08, 2006
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