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A Gang Stomp is when a group of (men/orcs/wizards/hobbits) gathers and all members of the group find a smaller, weaker target to stomp, eg: (5 orcs and 1 hobbit). All members secretly gather around the 'victim' and wait for the signal or 'battle cry'. The signal comes from the leader of the gang: 'The Stompmaster'. All 'stompers' jump from their hiding locations and begin the 'stomping'. The victim is knocked to the ground and the head is the first target, often taken by 'The Stompmaster' because he is the most powerful stomper. The lesser stompers go for the knees and ribs for maximum damage. The event of a Gang Stomp is also referred to as a 'Stomp Party' and is enjoyed by all people in the world.
Caveman1: I do not like that little shrimpy cunt over there
Caveman2: Me either, let's round up the boys and 'Gang Stomp' the bitch!
by jappy jappy jappy January 08, 2011
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