A mixture between street rat and white trash. As the story goes, apparently Minneapolis rapper Prof and his friends back in high school knew a kid by the name of Gampo who used to steal things and was sketchy as hell. They would take him places and he would need to be told not to steal things, which he always would anyway, no matter where they went. Basically now Prof and his friends have no idea where this "Gampo" character is, and they don't know whether he is dead or alive. So now Prof uses this sketchy guy's name as reference to him and his friends, as well as used in Prof's music.
"You dirty Gampo, get off my street."
"Give that back you fucking Gampo."
"Some Gampos stole the radio right out of my car, I can't believe it."
"I'm a Gampo."
by spiffybardman August 19, 2011
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