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The over-used, pink, leathery, dry, sore, stray pig-haired genital area of a woman. Often found amongst the older generation the Gammon Wallet hangs from the undercarriage of the species in two parts ā€“ left and right. Physically resembling a man's battered leather fold-over wallet, hanging from a washing line, with the line supporting it down its fold. It has the colouring and finish of an uncooked gammon steak.
She stood naked before me, legs about one foot apart. Her aged body appeared to lose 20 years when shrouded in darkness and silhouetted against the full desert moon. I felt stirs of arousal in my groin, wrestling with my tight trunks. She looked exactly as Iā€™d imagined her. I scoured every inch of her outline, her slim womanly curves tantalizing and feeding my every dark thought. But then I noticed it. Her gammon wallet. It hung like two oversized bats tussling in the opening of a cliff side cave. Each beast pumping condensation into the cold night air as they collided in a battle for superiority and best breeding. I shivered with disgust and shook my ill fated thoughts from my head. She was Deputy Head-Mistress after all with no traces of MILF attached...
by birtbag July 07, 2006
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